1. I didn’t receive an order confirmation. What’s up with that?

 If you didn't receive an order confirmation email, that means we didn't receive an order. Here's how to know: if you submitted an order and your next screen was an offer of $10 off your next order, your order went through. If you submitted an order and your next screen was the checkout screen you were just on, your order did not go through. Scroll down on this page to see why it didn't work out.

2. I have the money in my account. Why isn't my order going through?

 If you know your money is straight, but the order isn't going through, scroll down when the site sends you back to the checkout screen. There will be an error message in a yellow box that tells you exactly why. The most common reason this happens is your billing address is wrong. No orders will go through if the billing address is incorrect.

3. You guys charged my card multiple times. I want a refund.

We didn't, its impossible for our system to do this. What you are seeing are pending holds that YOUR bank places on your card, not ours. This usually happens when you try to check out a few times unsuccessfully (wrong billing zip code, etc.), and then you figure it out on the 3rd or 4th try. If you see this on your bank statement, call your bank and they can remove the holds for you.

4. Why do you need my email address? 

We use your email for fraud verification practices, but more importantly, this is how we communicate with you! This is how you receive an order confirmation when your order is placed, and a 2nd email with tracking information once its shipped. If you don't give us a good email you'll never know what's happening with your order.

5. How long does shipping take?

 Good question! These are rough guides, we don't control the post office. Domestic shipments: standard shipping 15-25 days, priority shipping 10-15 days, expedited shipping, 3-7 days. These are worst-case scenarios to account for our customers that live in BFE. For international orders, standard shipping 2-4 weeks (depends on the country), priority shipping 1-2 weeks. Please note for international standard shipping, USPS does not update the tracking once it leaves the U.S. So you may see it in Miami for 7-10 days, but its actually on its way to you! If you want tracking for an international order, you must choose priority international shipping. All shipments placed by 2 pm EST ship the same day.

6. I never received my shipment. I want a refund. 

If we track your order and it ended up in Iceland but you're in Arizona, we'll send you a replacement immediately. If, though, tracking says it was delivered to the address you gave us, there's nothing we can do to help you because we can't prove it was lost or stolen. Sorry.

7. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Please note shipping times vary based on the country.

8. I received defective product. What should I do?

If you received defective product, sorry about that! First, PLEASE hold onto the defective product. You must return it to us for a replacement or refund. Email sales04@starbuss.cn explaining your issue, and we will send you a prepaid label so you can return it to us. We cannot refund or replace product that has magically disappeared through smoking. Its like asking for a new steak after you finished off the one that wasn't cooked properly. As long as you return the product to us, we're happy to make it right for you.